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The Visitors - V

The Synopsis hasn't been written yet but please do make any comments you like regarding the episode. It'll prompt to prioritise to write the synopsis.

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The Visitors Organisation Members

Charles ( Duncan Regehr )

Charles is seen by many as someone they all want to be, someone to look up to or to be with. He is sent by the Leader to take control of the Visitor's conquest of the Earth as he believes that Diana is failing the operation. Charles demotes Diana back down to Chief Science Officer which she had been before Charles had arrived. Charles is killed eventually by poison which results in Philip being sent by the Leader to investigate.

All the Visitors look up to Charles as some sort of perfect Visitor especially the women who are attracted to him except Diana. To get Diana to back to their homeworld, Charles propose marriage to Diana. Unable to decline, Diana is forced to accept. When Charles is killed, Diana is free once more.

Diana ( Jane Badler )

In the first two series of `V`, Diana is subordinate to John, the alien leader. Power-hungry, Diana wants to succeed in turning the whole of the planet into one farm where the main farm animal is humans. Throughout all three series, we see Diana as a human, her lizard skin is covered in fake human skin. At the end of `V`- The Final Battle, Diana kills John but before she can give any orders, the Resistance take control of her ship and capture her.

On Liberation Day, her court case is about to begin but Ham Tyler stages a rescue mission. When Martin breaks into her holding pen in the hope of killing Diana, Diana manages to escape. Diana manages to make contact with the Visitor Motherships that are hiding on the dark side of the moon. The squadron is commanded by Lydia who Diana does not get on well with. The second invasion of Earth begins.

John ( Richard Herd )

John is the leader of the Visitors with whom Diana sees as a weak and undecisive leader. Diana blames John for the failure of the invasion force from turning the whole planet into a mass human food production centre. When the resistance attack the Visitor Mothership, Diana kills John. Diana refers to John as being weak and if she had been in control, Earth would`ve been one big farm by now.

Lydia ( June Chadwick )

Leader of the Visitors until Diana escapes and resume control. Lydia has a fraught relationship with Diana, despising her. She managed to escape an assassination plot by Diana.

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