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The Wests (Joe, Iris and Wally) - Justice League

Detective Joe West

Detective Joe West from The Flash played by Jesse L. Martin

After Barry's mother was killed and father arrested, Barry went to live with family friend Detective Joe West, a police officer. Joe was the first one to find out about the powers and wanted to keep it a secret. He felt that if Iris knew, it would put her life in danger and he didn't want to take the chance.

On Earth-2 in the multiverse, Joe West is a lounge singer rather than a detective. Iris West is a detective and Barry Allen is not the flash, just some nerdy person who is still in love with Iris.

Iris West

Irish West played by Candice Patton in the Flash

Barry was attracted to Iris but he never made his move until he gained the powers Over time, Iris would eventually find out. Iris started off as a reporter who would then later join full time as part of S.T.A.R. Labs.

After Flashpoint occurred, Iris and Barry's relationship was reset and Barry had to court her again. Barry knew what to do and it worked, he managed to romanticise her and propose to her. Barry and Iris were to get married in a church but the wedding was interrupted by Nazis from universe X. Each universe in the multiverse was designated a number but the final one with a red sky was given a letter, X.

After defeating the Nazis from Universe-X, they would get married without any pomp and ceremony with John Diggle being the minister. At the same time, Oliver Queen and Felicity Snoak got married. They carried on fighting criminals as husband and wife from that point on.

During the time that they are up against the Thinker/Clifford Devoe, a meta transfers Barry Allens powers to Iris forcing Iris to be the Flash. Its not the first time that powers have been transferred between lovers, it had happened in the nineties Superman series starring Dean Cain as the eponymous hero, Clark Kent.

Wally West

Wally West in the Flash

Wally or to give his faull name, Wallace West didn't start the series, he appeared much later in. Wally has the same abilities as Barry Allen and was referred to as Kid Flash which he hated. Barry Allen sought to train up Barry so that they could defeat Savitar but it wouldn't work.

Wally would eventually leave the series and instead move across to Legends of Tomorrow as the Speedster in the series.

In the comic series, Wally West was the third person to take up the Flash role after Barry Allen was killed off. In the television series, both Barry Allen and Wallace appear at the same time. The main difference between the two is that Wallace wears yellow whereas the Flash is in Red.

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