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Helen Sharman

If I asked the average person who the first Briton in space was, some people would probably say `Sir Michael Foale` or `Piers Sellar`. Some people might even say `Neil Armstrong` or `Yuri Gagarin`, only a small number would probably say `Helen Sharman`

Helen was born and brought up in Sheffield including studying at the City`s University. Her first degree was in Chemistry. She later studied for a Phd at London Unversity`s Birbeck College.

Her work career involved working at G.E.C. then at Mars, the confectionary company. On the way home from work whilst at Mars she heard an advert for being the first Briton in Space. She thought she`d apply. It involved being put through her paces, physically and mentally. She had to compete against other people for the title of first Brition in space. The whole search process was financed by British Industry and not the Government which continues to push for Earth based research not sending people into space. It also meant learning another language which was Russian. She started off as one person in 13000 applicants then it got whittled down to just one. She had to study at the `Yuri Gagarin` Space Center in Moscow before she went up.

After many months of training and selection, she blasted off into Space on 18th May 1991 with fellow cosmanauts Anatole Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev. She spent eight days in space which included a visit to the Mir space station to swap residents.

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Helen is a very impressive person, wonder what is she up to these days?
John West
I met Helen many years ago whilst I was working for Commercial Union, the insurance company that insured Helen during her space flight. It was a great pleasure for me to meet Helen at an insurance awards ceremony where I was picking up an award. I had a thousand and one questions I wanted to ask Helen but she still took the time to enquire about what I had to do to win my award.
I read about Helen in my school homework diary and as i myself aim to go to space one day i found this an inspiration.
anna c
Your page was very informative and helped me a lot with my homework. Thankyou.
bod train
many people oll ready now this
Go astronauts u rock! whoooooo! way to go britan!oh yea!
Thanx ur site woz really helpful
I think you should talk a bit about her family and her sibblings.
Talk more about how we have benefited from her trip and what she discovered and also about her family background.
Mallet AdÃ┼íla´de
Do you have the email address of Helen Sharman: ?
Sorry Mallet, I don't have her email address and if I did, I don't think she'd want it to be known so publicly.
Really,truly cool Helped alot thanx
good site! interesting!
someone has my name that isn't really old or dead,i feel so loved. love, an other(13 year old)helen.
miss hd
this helped with my homework alot thanks.
mad nutter
wow hunny! Helen Sharman rulz! U like totally rock and good luck 2 any1 who wants 2 go 2 space! luv y'all!
michel jakson
i love asternarts oh YER
It's astronauts not asternarts
cheers help alot
nik nak
ta helped wit ma science hwk
Mystery person????
Do u no anyfin bout her family as in parents cos i need it 4 my science project yeh it wud b really helpful thanx
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