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Neil Armstrong

Without a doubt, Yuri Gagarin and Neil Alden Armstrong, are the most important people to have been involved in the space exploration. He was the oldest son born to Stephen and Viola Engel Armstrong and later brother to Dean and June. From the ages of 19 to 22, he was a naval aviator during the Korean War. He was a pilot during his time studying at Aeronautical Engineering at Purdue University, After leaving the service, he become a test pilot. From there he was chosen to join the Astronauts corps.

He first went up in Space during the Gemini space missions then three years later came the most important event in American Space History. Along with Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins pilotted the Apollo 11 to the moon. The spacecraft touched down in the Sea of Tranquility on the surface of the moon. That day was July 20th 1969. The journey took four days to complete and when he arrived, Neil and Edwin went down to the surface of the moon. Michael stayed aboard the craft that would get them back home. What he said when he first touch foot on the moon has become as famous as the feat itself.

`One small step for Man, One giant leap for Mankind.`

After returning to Earth, he was decorated for his achievement in both America and other countries around the world. Russia had beaten America on two fronts before and nearly beat them again but the Russia Lunar Lander crashed. Luna 15 had taken off days before with the objective of landing on the Moon, picking up rock samples and bringing them back to Earth. Luna crashed on attempting to land. He stayed with N.A.S.A. until 1971 reaching the position of Deputy Association Administrator for Aeronautics at NASA Headquarters Office of Advanced Research and Technology. Other positions include being a lecturer at Cincinatti University. After the Challenger space shuttle disaster, he served as the Vice Chairman on the team set up by the U.S. Government to investigate what went wrong.

On the personal front, he has been married twice. The first, he met Janet Elizabeth Shearon and together, they had three children, Alan (June 30, 1957), Karen Anne (April 13, 1959) and Mark Stephen (April 8, 1963). He met her at Purdue University where she was studying Home Economics. Karen unfortunately passed away on January 28, 1962, the Armstrongs wedding anniversary with brain tumour. Their marriage didn`t last, it fell apart partly because of his business, being away from home for such a long time

He met Carol Held Knight in 92 at a golf tournament then later, he married her on June 12, 1994

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ShaunMonday, 22nd May 2017 9:54:09 AM
How old UFC
i love alice ward
joanna peeters
tell more about his childhood, i want to know what he is doning today also
i think that Neil has gone out of fasion because at seathorne school in skegness it doesn't say much about him and we don't know whether he is dead or not! we are doing a famous person who has been out of this country and me and my friend chose Neil because we thought it would have a lot of information about him but looks like not! we can not find anything about his childhood or when he graduated.
when neil amstrong die????
did armstrong really land on the moon
bob barker
is neal armstrong dead??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Neil Armstrong you changed history you were the first person on the moon you are famous man
Wow! Neil Armstrong is one fascinating man. I see him has a roll model, cause he is AWSOME!
he had 2 kids one called Ricky and i dont remember the other one. hope it helps. and neil armstrong aint dead yet!
u r a HERO!!!! u r a GREAT LEADER!!!!!!
Monique Watts
I am doing this huge school report on Neil armstrong and this site is very helpful but could use some facts on his childhood like if he had any siblings .
how many kids does he have
you are such a geat leader to everyone.you are also a hero!I am in 5th grade I did a report on you.
Neil Armstrong Personal Fact File Birthdate Wapakoneta, Ohio, August 5,1930 Death Nationality American Gender Male Famous For First Man to land on the Moon
how old iz neil armstrong?!?!
i didnt say anything about what his wife and kids names were
He was one of only 12 people to go to the moon.
nitika agarwal
it is very interesting to see and read all these amazing facts.
wat is neil armstrong wife name
milton i lopez
i have a research that i had to do abuot neil.but i cant find out what he's doing now
what r neil Armstrong's kids names?
no name
omg there is his childrens name so dnt slag this webbie off xx
tell more about neils family. his wife and kids names for example . k thanks
G girl
I agree with kimmi
I agree with Kimmi too.
Mr.cheese(why would i give my realy name)
good info for report but put stuff for bibliography like author and more info on stuff like kids names and whoever reads this put down what state u r in Maine
Tell more about neils family. His wife and kids names for example . k thanks
I would really like to know more about Neil's family. PLEASE?
Ithought the fact file was good but could of contained a bit more info! I give it 9 out of ten
Doo doo
my comment is that i think that this site is really cool and very informative
doo daa
more info about his experiences going to space and what he did there
Allie Peterson
You need to put Neil Armstrongs childrens names
Hi My Names Rachel I'm In P6 And doing a project on space and i decided to choose neil armstongs history and i really need his wife and childrens names please put them on soon GoodBye And thank you ! :D
heyy this iz soo kool but like i need to learn much more bout what it was like on da moon ok beacouse im doing a projuct!!!!!!!!!
slug!(my nick name frome katie)!
neil armstrong is a very inspiering person to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell about Yuri Gagarin's Childhood! did he play sports?
Why dont you guys have info on buzz aldrin( edwin) or mike collins? (i love tyler )
Robert Ajob
i would be most facinated to learn more about Neil Armstrong's personal, more human side. What did he enjoy doing at school, what were his favorite subjects, what was his main interests as a child, and what was his favorite sport. Thank you for this opportunity.
I am doing research on Neil Armstrong and this is some good stuff! THANX!
cherry face
What about saying anything about Neil Armstrong's family and childhood. Who did he marry what were his parent's names, etc.
good info, but needs some information on his Childhood
John Lee - piratenews@infowars.net
What was Neil Armstrong's final rank in US Navy?
Corey Culbreth
How was Yuri gagarin's childhood
Thanks. This helped me on my project. :)
Kyle Hodge
Not to good looking for more on family tree
Khai Tan Ngo
Does Neil Armstrong have children?
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