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Terry Pratchett

He is one of the most influential British writers currently. His stories have made him not only popular in the United Kingdom, but he is one of the most popular authors in the United States. He writes mainly about adventures that place in Discworld. Discworld is a disc shaped world that is carried on the backs of four large elephants that travel through space on the back of a giant tortoise.

His first book was the `Carpet People` which he later rewrote subtly and released. The first Discworld novel he wrote was `The Colour of Magic` whose central character was Rincewind which was then followed up with `The Light Fantastic` sequel. Rincewind is just one of many re-occuring characters in the Discworld novels. Other prominent characters are :- The Witches, The Wizards, Death, City Watch, Moist van Lipwig, Tiffany Aching, The History Monks and Susan Sto Helit.

He plans to keep writing until he dies however sadly, he has been diagonosed as to having Alzheimers Disease of which he is a prominent supporter of research into the disease. It is believed the Alzheimers was caused by a minor stroke he had in 2004/5.

He married his wife Lyn in 1968 and they have a daughter Rhianna, who is also an author.

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