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Canto Bight - Star Wars

Canto Bight from Star Wars.

Canto Bight is a small coastal town on Cantonica. The planet is known as the casino planet or the Las Vegas in space. Maz Kanata recommends to Dameron Poe that the Resistance go to the planet to find a master code breaker, someone who can turn off the First Order's tracking device so that the Resistance can escape and regroup. Poe sends Finn and newcomer Rose Tico to the planet.

The location where the code breaker is is a casino on the coast. Finn and Rose are arrested in the casino because they landed on the beach where they were not supposed to land. Whilst in prison, they meet DJ who offers to help them and then he breaks them out of the place.

The Fatheir

Canto Bight Wildlife Horses

In addition to casino betting, there are race courses. Giant horse like creatures, the Fatheir that have very large ears are raced round a track.

After escaping from the prison, Finn and Rose release a group of Fatheir so that they can cause mayhem and destraction so that they can escape and make it back to their craft.

Rose and Finn use a fatheir to escape from the area so that they can get back to their craft but they take a detour and get a lift. The fatheir travel very fast and can climb up the sides of cliff faces.

Dubrovnik, Filming Location

The scenes in Canto Bight were filmed in the seaside resort of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is not the first time that a major production has been filmed there. Scenes for Game of Thrones had been filmed there also. It won't be the last as its been rumoured by the Sun newspaper that the next James Bond film is to be filmed there. The next James Bond film is due out in the same year as Episode IX.

Its unlikely that the planet will feature again in the mainstream movie versions of the franchise but with a rumoured television series being planned, it could feature there.

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