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Corellia - Star Wars

Corellia from Star Wars.

Corellia is the most famous world to be mentioned in the Star Wars universe and not be seen in any films until 2018 release of Solo - A Star Wars Story. It is primarily remembered for being the home world of Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.

Corellia is an industrialised planet, very much like Coruscant but with the status of being the capital of the galaxy. It was where the Millennium Falcon was built was not where Han acquired the ship. Han acquired it later after beating fellow smuggler and later friend Lando Calrissian at a card game of Sarbacc.

Those who are not able to work for the shipbuilders, a life of crime is a possibility. The early years for Han was spent thieving for Lady Proxima with his girlfriend Qi'ra. The Imperials would seem to only be interested in the space port to prevent people getting on or off the planet. They seemed to have no interest in maintaining law and order. Emperor Palpatine was only interested in taking control of planets that had yet to succumb to his Empire.

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