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Coruscant - Star Wars

Coruscant from Star Wars.

Coruscant doesn't even gets a mention in the first three films produced ( eps. IV, V, VI ) but plays a major part in the second trilogy ( I, II, III ). All scenes and any mentioning of the planet in the original trilogy was added for the updated version in the late nineties.

Coruscant is the heart of the star Wars galaxy, the place where the Emperor Palpatine reigns from. Before the Emperor came to power, it was the home for the Jedi Council and the Grand Assembly, something like the United Nations building in New York.

The planet was created by Timothy Zahn for his Admiral Thrawn trilogy. Lucas liked the planet and it became central to the second three films. The scene set on Coruscant in the original series was added for the edited films in the late nineties.

The natural woodland and features had long gone before any of the stories that were set on the planet. It is not know what the original atmosphere and environment was, was the planet a desert world like Mars and then terrformed to be breathable or was it like Earth and just built over.

Jedi Temple

The Jedi Temple is where the Jedi are trained. It is also where the Jedi Council are based in one of the towers.

The Jedis are followers of the Force who keep order across the galaxy. Their galactic headquarters is the Jedi Temple. At the top of one of the towers is where Mace Windu and other Jedi Masters confer.

The Jedi Temple contains a large database of everything to do with the galaxy. The security of the database is lacking when someone is able to delete the location of Kamino forcing Obi-Wan Kenobi to take a chance on the location of the planet.

When Palpatine takes control of the Senate, Anakin Skywalker leads a group of Clone Stormtroopers to kill all the padawans that are learning there. Senator Bail Organa arrives at the Jedi Temple when the assault is underway but is powerless to intervene and leaves.

Galactic Senate

The Jedi Temple is where the Jedi are trained. It is also where the Jedi Council are based in one of the towers.

The Senate is first mention in A New Hope by Princess Leia who says to Grand Moff Tarkin that she'll be complaining to about her abduction. Tarkin just laugh it off.

The Senate is where representatives from the known worlds meet to discuss the events that are effecting the galaxy. When Vice-Chancellor Finis Valorum is ineffectual in dealing with the crisis on Naboo, a vote of confidence is called and Valorum looses resulting in the rise of Palpatine.

At the end of Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith, Yoda confronts Palpatine where they fight but it ends with Yoda realising he doesn't have the ability to win and so retreats.

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