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D`Qar - Star Wars

D`Qar is a lush planet with a woody environment, it is similar in many respects to Yavin IV, the place where the Rebel Alliance launched their attacks from to attack the first Death star in the first film Star Wars IV - A New Hope. It is secret location of the Rebellion in Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

When Rey, Han Solo and Finn are rescued by the Rebellion, it is to this planet that they are taken for safety. On this planet, Han Solo is reunited with his ex-wife Princess Leia now known as General Leia and leader of the Rebellion. Also on the planet are the droids C-3PO, now sporting a red arm and R2-D2 who since his master Luke Skywalker left him has been in a semi-conscious state waiting for the right moment to come back into life.

Location used for D`Qar

The old United States Air Force base Greenham Common in Berkshire, United Kingdom was used as the location for the Rebellion base. The Hangers had already been built for a time when there was mistrust between East and West known as the Cold War. it was where the United States based cruise missiles in case the Cold War heated up.

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