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Gemenon - Battlestar Galactica


We learn in the Caprica series that Gemenon is the twin planet of Caprica, something thats not been mentioned before. Gemenon`s name is based on the Zodiac constellation, Gemini which represents the twins Castor and Pollux. Castor is the Alpha star which normally refers to brightest but Pollux is the brighter of the two despite being known as Beta Geminorum. Personal view, the planet Gemenon should`ve been two planets and not twinned with Caprica.

Gemenon is a world of religious devotion and where the Soldiers of the One are predominatly based. Before she was blown up in the terrorist attack at the start of the Caprica series, Zoe Graystone had planned to move to Gemenon so that she could practice her religon amongst like minded people. Zoe`s boyfriend, Ben Stark blew himself up on a train heading to the spaceport to go to Gemenon. All we know is what was said in the series.

Sister Clarice Willow visits Gemenon to consult with Mother on Clarice`s plans for Apotheosis which revolves around a terrorist attack on a stadium and the followers being uploaded into a virtual world. Mother agrees to the plan and gives Clarice the authority to take control of Soldiers of the One activities on Caprica. When Clarice returns to Caprica, she kills Barnabas Greeley and kidnaps Lacy Rand rather than killing her.

Clarice sends Lacy Rand to Gemenon for training. Over time, Lacy takes control of the Cylon centurions that have been smuggled onto the planet and deposes Mother. Lacy Rand ends up being the new Mother, the new leader of the Soldiers of the One. Lacy was never in it for religion, Lacy was in it to get a Cylon centurion that contained Zoe`s avatar to Gemenon.

You don`t see much in the way of what the planet is like apart from a few shots, what we do see is the training temple of Soldiers of the One. The temple is a large rock mountain carved out in the shape of a temple.

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