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Jedha - Star Wars

Jedha from Star Wars.

Jedha is a desert planet that features in Rogue One where Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor visit to track down Saw Gerrera who is carrying out extreme attacks on the Galactic Empire forces which are not only hurting the Galactic Empire but also the Rebellion.

The planet was mined by the Galactic Empire because it was a source of Kyber Crystals which are used by Lightsabers and also by the primary weapon of the Death star to destroy planets.

The planet is not destroyed but the city along with all its inhabitants are destroyed on the orders of Grand Moff Tarkin. Tarkin wanted to test out the Death Star on the planet as the Empire no longer had any use for it.

There is one major settlement on the planet, aptly known as Jedha City. The city at the top of a flat mountain. The City is controlled by Imperial Stormtroopers and patrolled by AT-ST Walkers.

Jyn and Cassian get involved in attacking the Imperials when they happen upon an attack. The two Rebels are helped out in the fight by Bodhi and Chirrut. Once the Imperials have been defeated, Jyn, Cassian and the two new rebels are hooded and taken before Saw Gerrera.

When Tarkin launches his attack on Jedha, Saw decides his time is up and decides to stay behind and die.

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