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Kobol - Battlestar Galactica

Kobol in the original series is described as being a desert planet and having a look similar to ancient Egypt with Pyramids and deserts. However, in the new series, Kobol is described as being a lush planet with vegetation. The Galactica fleet encounters the planet in Kobols Last Gleaming episodes. The planet is empty, there are no inhabitents.

The only thing of interest there is the Tomb of Athena which will point the way to Earth. Kobol is where humanity set out from, twelve going to where the Galctica crew came from, the thirteenth tribe going to Earth. The fleet doesn`t stay, they only stay long enough to get their supplies then move on. Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) leaves the fleet to return to Caprica to pick up the Arrow of Apollo. The Arrow when placed in the Tomb will point the way to Earth. The repercussions of Starbuck going back to Caprica is immense, Commander William Adama arrests President Laura Roslin as he believes she has overstepped her mandate. Starbuck going back to Caprica, she also finds Lt. Helo who has survived.

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