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Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. The planet is classed as a rocky planet. Mars derives its name from the Roman god for God of War. Mars has been known for centuries ever since people looked to the stars and noticed a star moving across the sky.The mass of the object is 0.64185. The equatorial radius of the planet is 3397 whereas the volumetic mean radius is 3390. The Mean Density of the planet is 3933. The surface acceleration of the planet is 3.69. The time the planet takes to revolve round the Sun is 686.973 days or roughly 1.9 Earth Years. The length of a day on the planet is 24.6597 hours, i.e. the time it takes to revolve once on its axis. The average temperature of the planet is -210K/-63C. The surface pressure of the planet is 6.36mb.

Mars is about 227900000.0km from the Sun. The Orbit Eccentricity is 0.0935, that is how much the orbit deviates from a circle, between 0 and 1. The Orbit Inclination is 1.85, that is how much the orbit deviates from a circle, between 0 and 1. The volume of Mars at the equator is 16.318. The escape velocity, the speed which is need to break free is 5.03. The surface gravity of Mars is 3.71 compared to Earth which for purpose of this site is 1. The following gasses can be found in the Mars's atmosphere : Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 95.32% ; Nitrogen (N2) - 2.7%, Argon (Ar) - 1.6%; Oxygen (O2) - 0.13%; Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0.08% \n. More information and the source for the moon can be found at N.A.S.A.

Life on Mars and Martians

People have always been fancinated with the Red planet. Its smaller than ours and for many years, we`ve written stories of there being Martians on the planet from War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells through to Tim Burton`s Mars Attacks. Granted, Tim didn`t create the story, he made it into a film.

There have been many missions to Mars from N.A.S.A. and other agencies in the hope of answering whether there is life on Mars. If there is life on Mars, it will be microbial at best, there is nothing on the surface. If there was, we`d have discovered it by now. Just because there`s nothing there now, we can`t discount the fact that life could`ve existed once on the planet when the Magnetic Core was still working like it is on our planet.

It had been theorized that Mars once had water flowing over it and could`ve even had life on the planet during that time. However something happened and the waters receeded back to the ice caps. The following is an artists impression that was released to show what Mars could`ve looked like once.

Oceans on Mars

Race to Mars

The new Space Race is to put a man on the red planet and return him safely. At the moment, the only place people are going is back to the moon as a staging post. The task is mammoth to say the least, the fastest time so far a probe has got to Mars is the New Horizons mission to Pluto and that took around 40 days. ref: Planets for Kids. However with that, you didn`t need food or water for craft so that would have to be factored in if we`re going to go Mars because that would affect the speed we`d be travelling at.

All the major space faring nations, United States of America, Russia and China to mention just three all have plans to get to Red planet and colonize. The first step for America though is to have a permanent moonbase from where you can more easily launch craft to outer space because it has a lower gravity. One day, you won`t be taking a holiday to Spain, you`ll be taking a holiday on the Red Planet.


Mars Facts

Position from Sun4 A.U.
MeaningGod of War
Equatorial Radius3397
Volumetric Mean Radius3390
Mean Density3933
Surface Acceleration3.69
Orbital Period686.973 Days
Length of Day24.6597
Average Temperature-210K/-63C
Surface Pressure6.36mb
Distance from the Sun227900000.0km from the Sun.
Orbit Eccentricity0.0935
Orbit Escape Velocity5.03
Surface Gravity3.71
AtmosphereCarbon Dioxide (CO2) - 95.32% ; Nitrogen (N2) - 2.7%, Argon (Ar) - 1.6%; Oxygen (O2) - 0.13%; Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0.08% \n

List of Moons in orbit around Mars

MoonDiscoveredOrbit Circumference
Deimos1877 147,390.96 km
Phobos1877 58,907.79 km

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