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Life on Mercury


Mercury is a bleak planet, closest to the Sun with no permanent atmosphere which could support life. It might have the highest percentage of oxygen in its atmosphere compared to all the other planets but its very cold and is blasted by the Sun's rays so life couldn't exist there. Mercury's temperatures range wildly from a high of 160 degrees to minus 160 degrees in the dark. Mercury has a magnetic field but one which is inferior to that of Earth, one that could not provide the shielding for life to exist. There is no appetite for having any base on the planet because of its temperature in the day time. There is nothing of interest there other than sending a few satellites to scan over the planet.

Mercury is a pock-marked planet with craters showing signs of impact. Mercury is the smallest of all planets now that Pluto has been downgraded from planet status. Mercury has no moons.

Mercurian Calendar Year

A day on Mercury is longer than a year so you'd have a whole year and more waiting for the day to end. With it being the nearest to the Sun, it has the shortest calendar year of all the planets.

Mercury Facts

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