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Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it is more akin to the moon that it is our planet. It is baked by the extreme heat which is not surprising because it close to the Sun.

Mercury is a pock-marked planet with craters showing signs of impact. Mercury is the smallest of all planets now that Pluto has been downgraded from planet status. Mercury has no moons.

The planet has a highly ellipitcal path, meaning that it could get nearly twice as far from the Sun as its closest point.

Mercury Messenger Visit to Mercury

There is not much of interest there other than sending a few satellites to scan over the planet. The Mercury Messenger took seven years to reach the planet because of the path of the planet. It had to fly-by Venus and a number of times past Mercury before it could be in orbit round the planet.

Using information from the Messenger such as the planets gravity and how it wobbled on its path, it was able to determine the core of the planet. It was determined that the planets core is 85% of the planet which is considerable higher than Earths.

Origins of Mercury

Chemicals such as Sulphur was discovered on Mercury. Sulphur is a chemical that reacts to heat and would burn away quickly. Such high concentrations of sulphur led to scientists to think that the planet was created further out, out as far as Mars possible.

In the beginning when everything was being made, it is theorized that some large new planetoid object collided with Mercury. Mercury was sufficiently strongly enough not to be destroyed, however, the crust and mantle was depeleted.

Life on Mercury

Mercury is a bleak planet, closest to the Sun with no permanent atmosphere which could support life. It might have the highest percentage of oxygen in its atmosphere compared to all the other planets but its very cold and is blasted by the Sun's rays so life couldn't exist there.

Mercury's temperatures range wildly from a high of over 400 degrees to minus 160 degrees in the dark. Mercury has a magnetic field but one which is inferior to that of Earth, one that could not provide the shielding for life to exist.

There is no appetite for having any base on the planet because of its temperature in the day time. Could a man land on the planet, only on the dark side of the planet, shielded from the extreme heat. The only reason to do it is to say that they were the first and possible the only person on Mercury. There will always be someone who would want to visit and be the first man or woman on the planet.

Mercurian Calendar Year

A day on Mercury is longer than a year so you'd have a whole year and more waiting for the day to end. With it being the nearest to the Sun, it has the shortest calendar year of all the planets.

Mercury Facts

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