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Neptune Info, Facts, Rings and Moons


Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun and the Earth since Pluto was downgraded to dwarf planet. Neptune has a deep blue appearance and therefore it was only apt to name the planet after the Roman God.

Discovery of Neptune

Neptune was discovered by calculation and observation. Once Uranus had been discovered, the search was on for other planets that could lie outside the orbit of Uranus. Neptune, named after the Roman God of Water was finally discovered 23rd September, 1846. Johann Galle is most closely associated with discovering the planet, but without the assistance of John Couch Adams and Urbain Le Verrier, it would not have been possible. Neptune is the smallest and most remote of the gas giants.

Neptune Rings and Flyby

When Voyager 2 flew past the planet in 1989, Neptune was discovered to have a faint ring system like the other gas giants. All the pictures we have of Neptune are of the Voyager encounter with the planet. There are plans for another fly by of the planet but nothing soon.

Although you can't see from the picture, Neptune is like all the other gas planets in in that it has rings. Ring systems are not limited to gas planets but have been seen round asteroids. The asteroid Chariklo, a Centaur asteroid, that is one that orbits between Saturn and Uranus has a ring system.

Neptune in Entertainment

Event Horizon

In the film Event Horizon, the planet is the background setting for the return of a space ship that had disappeared years in the past. All the film happens on board the craft, there is no voyaging into Neptune or one of its moon. The core of the planet maybe rock but then again it might not be, we don't know for certain. You wouldn't be able to enter the planets atmosphere as it would be too hostile.

Neptune Facts

List of Moons in orbit around Neptune

MoonDiscoveredOrbit Circumference
Halimede14 August 2002
Hippocamp1 July 2013
Laomedeia13 August 2002
Psamathe29 August 2003
Sao14 August 2002

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