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Savareen - Star Wars

Savareen from Star Wars.

Savareen appears in Solo - A Star Wars Story where the group of smugglers including Han Solo and Tobias Beckett go after completing the Kessel Run. The planet is located near the entrance of the Kessel Mawnebula which traversing it is called the Kessel Run.

The planet looks a lot like the other desert planets of Tatooine and Jakku and could be mistaken for them. Unlike the other two planets, this planet has water but is as sparsely populated as the other desert planets. The planet has become known for processing Coaxium on the black market given its location near the Kessel Maw Nebula.

The planets provides the climax of the story where Enfys Nest finally reveals herself to Han Solo. It is also on this planet that Han faces off against the Crimson Dawn crime boss, Dryden Vos and where Qi'ra assumes Dryden's position in the crime syndicate.

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