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Savion - Andromeda

Savion is a planet that wishes to join the new Systems Commonwealth. Dylan Hunt and Trance Gemini visit the planet in the Eureka Maru. The planet has been attacked by a large creature known as Cetus every 6,270 years and its due a visit today.

Although neither Dylan nor Trance touch down on the planet, they are able to see first hand the devestation that the Cetus creature can wrought. The planet and its moon has a giant claw print on it. The planet appears in Belly of the Beast

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just me
only 2 main planets?! comeone..there's earth, sinti, all of the 9 plants from the last season..(i forget their names)..dylans homeplanet where he grew up and homeplanet of the commonwealth..dammit i forget its name as well..well its the planet that finally has returned to the known worlds..at the end of the series..all the nietchien home worlds..and way more worlds mentioned and which the stories have revolved around!
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