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Takodana makes a first apperance in the Star Wars films in Star Wars - The Force Awakens and it is a green and lush planet that is famous for having Maz Kanata Cantina. Maz is an over 1000 year old space pirate who was once an acquaintance of Han Solo but when they meet it is civil. Han needs to get with the Rebellion once more and he believes that Maz is the person who can best help him. Unknown to Han, the place is also teeming with First Order operatives who notify Kylo Ren who duly attacks the planet.

On the planet, Finn is tempted to run away from everything after persuading a smuggler to take him to anywhere. He duly has a change of heart and returns to save Rey but he fails to do so. It is on this planet we see Finn take up a lightsabre for the first time.

In the lower levels of the Cantina, Rey is pulled towards a strange voice that pulls her towards it. Inquisitive, Rey follows the voice and finds a box and inside the box is Luke Skywalkers lightsabre. When Rey holds the lightsabre, she gets visions of both the past and possible futures which she doesn`t like. Maz Kanata turns up and persuades Rey to take it. It is the first time we see Finn also use a light sabre in a fight during the battle between the First Order and the Rebellion.

On the outside of the Cantina, high above at the top of the doorway is a symbol of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunters which is the symbol that was associated with the most famous of all Mandalorians, Boba Fett.

The Cantina is completely destroyed during a fight between the First Order and the Resistance. When the First Order attacks, Rey runs into the forest where she is captured by Kylo Ren and taken back to his Star Destroyer. Takodana is where Princess Leia is reunited with Han Solo, her ex-husband and who are both parents to Kylo Ren, once called Ben Solo.

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