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Tarazed - Andromeda

Tarazed is the new home of the Systems Commonwealth. It had remained hidden from the slipstream until the Andromeda Ascendant had found a way of getting there. This is where we meet Telemachus Rhade, a descendent of Gaheris Rhade, one of the original crew members of the Andromeda before he betrayed them. It is a planet where the Magog had some of their ships built.

Tarazed is also a star in the Aquila constellation.

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The planet where Humans and Nietzscheans live in peace and mutual respect. Both reces evolved, changed for the better. The planet where the Commonwealth ideals survived through the centuries. And the planet that was never touched by the chaos that existed in the Universe after the fall of the Commonwealth.
i think alians exist because when i was in my old house th heating sudenly went on and off and the dore kept slaming open and shut