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Tauron - Battlestar Galactica

Tauron from Battlestar Galactica.

Tauron is the home planet of the Battlestar Pegasus and its captain, Admiral Helena Cain. The planets name is based on the Zodiac constellation, Taurus the Bull. The planet Tauron features in the Caprica series. Tauron is the home world of Sam Adama and his brother Joseph Adama who grew up there before their parents were killed by the security forces.

In Dirteaters, we see the Adama`s past on Tauron. The planet is controlled by a dictatorship and there is an uprising. The Adamas live with their parents. One night after witnessing a murder, Sam recovers the gun and keeps the gun for himself. The police come round to interrogate the family and get the weapon. The mother and family are interrogated and are ultimately shot forcing the young Adamas to run for their lives after Sam has shot the interrogators.

In order to make his Cylon prototype work, Daniel Graystone turns to the Adamas to get them to steal a device from the Vergis Corporation. The Vergis Corporation is based in Tauron City, the capital of the planet. The company is controlled by Tomas Vergis, a wealthy industralist and competitor to Daniel Graystone. The Adamas agree to do the theft and Sam goes to Tauron to steal the device. During the theft, security guards are killed. Its not the theft that angers Tomas Vergis but the murders. Tomas sets out to destroy Graystone.

Tomas manages to take control of Graystone industries but with the help of the Adama`s, Daniel wins back control. After Daniel wins control, Tomas confronts Daniel where Tomas kills himself. To a Tauron says Tomas, a Tauron should choose where and when he dies and not let it happen without control.

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