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Vandor - Star Wars

Vandor from Star Wars.

Vandor is a beautiful cold and mountainous planet. It is the location of where Tobias Beckett and fellow thieves including Han Solo plan to steal Coaxium ore to be reprocessed into fuel for hyperspace travel.

The operation fails when a group of space marauders led by Enfys Nest interfere with the operation. The Coaxium is destroyed meaning that Tobias has come up with another plan to steal Coaxium for his boss Dryden Vos. The answer is to steal raw Coaxium from the spice mines on Kessel.

It is here in a gambling room that Han Solo first meets Lando Calrissian where they need a pilot to get them to Kessel. Lando and Han Solo play a game of Sarbacc where Lando has cheated and wins all the money that Han has. Han has to persuade Lando to help in the operation for a cut of the final amount.

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