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Yavin IV - Star Wars

Yavin IV is the planet that the Rebel Alliance plan their attack on the first Death Star. The filming for the scenes was done in Tikal National Park, Guatemala. After the destruction, the Rebels leave the planet and hide out on Hoth, the Ice World. There had been rumours that the producers would return to Yavin IV for Star Wars - The Force Awakens and that Poe Dameron might actually come from that planet but both have proved to be just rumours.

Yavin IV

The film makers returned to Yavin IV for the first spin-off film in the Star Wars anthology. We see more of the planet, the Mayan buildings of yesteryear. Although some of the buildings are C.G.I. with the original buildings in a little.

The base commander is Mon Mothma, there is no Princess Leia. On the planet we see a brief cameo from C-3PO and R2-D2 as the rebels take off for their mission to steal the Death Star plans against the wishes of the Rebel Council.

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