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Actaea, Moon of Salacia

Actaea is a Moon that orbits round Salacia, a Kuiper Belt Object at the edge of the Solar System.

The absolute magnitude of the object is 1.9 which is the brightness of the object. A higher absolute magnitude means that the object is faint whereas a very low number means it is very bright.

The albedo of the object is 0.035. The Albedo is the amount of radiation that is reflected back into space by the object.

The approximate diameter of Actaea is 303 km.

the moon is about a third the size of the planet it orbits, the diameter of 303 +/- 35 km whereas Salacia's diameter is about 905 +/- 103 kilometers.

Actaea gets its name from Aktaia, one of the 50 daughters who were born to Nereus and Doris in Grecian Mythology. The Nymphs were usually referred to as Nereids. Other moons such as Laomedeia have been named after a nymph. In the case of Laomedeia, Laomedeia is a moon of Neptune.

Actaea Facts

Absolute Magnitude1.9
Approx. Diameter303

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