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Dysnomia, Moon of Eris

Dysnomia is a Moon that orbits round Eris, a Kuiper Belt Object at the edge of the Solar System.

The absolute magnitude of the object is 5.6 which is the brightness of the object. A higher absolute magnitude means that the object is faint whereas a very low number means it is very bright.

The only picture that we have of Dysnomia is a long range shot. We have no space probes going out in that general direction. The New Horizons will not be going in that direction. A voyage to Pluto took roughly ten years, a journey that way would take much longer. We'd also have to wait for the planetary alignment to occur so that we can get a gravitational push to help speed it on the way.

Discovery's Effect on Pluto

The discovery of Eris and Dysnomia caused upheaval in the Astronomical community. There were some who didn't like the fact that had grown and that there were ten planets now. A controversial meeting voted to downgrade both Eris and Pluto to dwarf planet status rather than have it as a tenth planet.

Dysnomia Mythological Legend

When it was first discovered, it was given the name Gabrielle. Gabrielle was the name of the companion of Xena in the nineties television series, Xena, Warrior Princess. As the name was in line with other moon names, it was changed to Dysnomia instead.

The name that was eventually chosen was Dysnomia. Dysnomia is the daughter of the Goddess Eris which the dwarf planet that is orbits round. Dysnomia means Lawlessness which is semi-apt because the actress who played Xena in the television series is Lucy Lawless.

Another inspiration for the name was Michael Brown's wife is Diana. Both Diana and Dysnomia starts are pronounced the same and therefore it was apt. It wasn't the first time that a moons name had been chosen to coincide with a wifes name. James Christie, the man who discovered Charon, the moon of Pluto had chosen Charon because began with the four letters as Christie's wife, Charlene.

Image of the Eris moon of Dysnomia

Image of the Eris moon of Dysnomia

Dysnomia Facts

Absolute Magnitude5.6

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