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Weywot, Moon of Quaoar

Weywot is a Moon that orbits round Quaoar, a Kuiper Belt Object at the edge of the Solar System.

The absolute magnitude of the object is 8.3 which is the brightness of the object. A higher absolute magnitude means that the object is faint whereas a very low number means it is very bright.

The albedo of the object is 0.8. The Albedo is the amount of radiation that is reflected back into space by the object.

The Perihelion of the object is 41.967 A.U. which is the point in the orbit that is closest to the object that it is orbit around. The Longitude of Ascending Node of the object is 188.76 degrees.

Weywot is one of the smallest natural satellites orbiting any other object in the solar system. It is the only known satellite orbiting Quaoar, the Trans-Neptunian Object in the Kuiper Belt. It is not the only object that has a satellite moon, Eris for example, has a moon.

It is named after the son of the Quaoar which is the god that the orbitted satellite is named after. It was named by the Tongva whose god is Quaoar. The Tongva are a group of Native Americans who inhabit the Los Angeles basin.

A space probe visit to the Quaoar and its moon would take around thirteen and half years provided that it receives the necessary Jupiter gravity assist. Given the need for a gavity assist, the launch dates are set in stone as to when they can happen. the future dates are :- 22nd November 2027, 22nd December 2028, 22 January 2030 and 20th December 2040. There's plenty of time to get a probe ready for launch.

Weywot Facts

Absolute Magnitude8.3
Perihelion (Nearest)41.967 A.U.
Longitude Of Ascending Node188.76

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