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Major Characters

AbyssBeka ValentineDoyleDylan Hunt
MauraRev BemRommieSara Riley
Seamus HarperTelemachus RhadeTrance GeminiTri-Jema
Tyr AnasaziUncle Sid Barry


The Commonwealth




Andromeda AscendantEureka MaruMagog Worldship


CastaliansChichensConsensus of PartsDerivas
Robot AvatarsShintaSolar AvatarThan


Series 1

Under the NightAn Affirming FlameTo Loose the Fateful LightningD Minus Zero
Double HelixAngel Dark, Demon BrightThe Ties That BlindThe Banks of The Lethe
A Rose in the AshesAll Great Neptunes OceanThe Pearls That Were His EyesThe Mathematics of Tears
Music of a Distant DrumHarper 2.0Forced PerspectiveThe Sum of Its Parts
Fear and Loathing in the Milky WayThe Devil Take the HindmostThe Honey OfferingStar-Crossed
It Makes A Lovely LightIts Hour Come Round at Last

Series 2

The Widening GyreExit StrategiesHeart for Falsehood FramedPitiless as the Sun
Last Call at the Broken HammerAll too HumanUna Salus VictusHome Fires
Into The LabyrinthThe PrinceBunker HillOuroboros
Lava and RocketsBe All My Sins RememberedDance of the MayfliesIn Heaven Now Are Three
The Things We Cannot ChangeFair UnknownBelly of the BeastKnight, Death and the Devil
Immaculate PerceptionTunnel at the End of the Light

Series 3

If the Wheel is FixedThe Shards Of RimniMad To Be SavedCui Bono
The Lone and Level SandsSlipfighter The Dogs of WarThe Lepers KissFor Whom the Bell Tolls
And Your Heart Will Fly AwayThe Unconquerable ManDelenda EstThe Dark Backward
The Risk All PointThe Right HorseWhat Happens to a Rev DeferredPoint of the Spear
Vault of the HeavensDeep Midnights VoiceThe Illusion of MajestyTwilight of the Idols
Day of Judgement, Day of WrathShadows Cast By A Final Salute

Series 4

Answers Given To Questions Never AskedPieces of EightWaking The Tyrants DeviceDouble or Nothingness
Harper/DeleteSoon the Nearing VotexThe World Turns All Around HerConduit to Destiny
Machinery of the MindExalted Reason, Resplendent DaughterThe Torment, The ReleaseThe Spider`s Stratagem
The Warmth of an Invisible LightThe OthersFear Burns Down to AshesLost in a Space That isnt There
Abridging the Devils DivideTrusting the Gordian MazeA Symmetry of ImperfectionTime Out of Mind
The Dissonant Interval

Series 5

The WeightPhear Phactor PhenomDecay of the AngelThe Eschatology of Our Present
When Goes AroundAttempting SacredSo Burn the Untamed LandsWhat Will Be Was Not
The TestThrough a Glass DarklyPride Before the FallMoonlight Becomes You
Past is ProlixThe Opposite of AttractionSaving Light from a Black SunTotalled Recall
Quantum Tractate DeliriumOne More Days LightChaos and the Stillness of ItHeart of the Journey

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