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Andromeda Portal

Major Characters

Abyss Beka Valentine Doyle Dr. Sara Riley
Dylan Hunt Maura Rev Bem Rommie
Seamus Harper Telemachus Rhade Trance Gemini Tri-Jema
Tyr Anasazi Uncle Sid Barry


The Commonwealth


Savion Seefra Tarazed Tarn-Vedra


Andromeda Ascendant Eureka Maru Magog Worldship


Castalians Chichens Consensus of Parts Derivas
Enigmas Hegira Inari Kalderan
Magog Makra Muganis Nietzschean
Nightsiders Perseids Pixie Pyrian
Robot Avatars Shinta Solar Avatar Than


Series 1

Under the Night An Affirming Flame To Loose the Fateful Lightning D Minus Zero
Double Helix Angel Dark, Demon Bright The Ties That Blind The Banks of The Lethe
A Rose in the Ashes All Great Neptunes Ocean The Pearls That Were His Eyes The Mathematics of Tears
Music of a Distant Drum Harper 2.0 Forced Perspective The Sum of Its Parts
Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way The Devil Take the Hindmost The Honey Offering Star-Crossed
It Makes A Lovely Light Its Hour Come Round at Last

Series 2

The Widening Gyre Exit Strategies
Heart for Falsehood Framed Pitiless as the Sun Last Call at the Broken Hammer All too Human
Una Salus Victus Home Fires Into The Labyrinth The Prince
Bunker Hill Ouroboros Lava and Rockets Be All My Sins Remembered
Dance of the Mayflies In Heaven Now Are Three The Things We Cannot Change Fair Unknown
Belly of the Beast Knight, Death and the Devil Immaculate Perception Tunnel at the End of the Light

Series 3

If the Wheel is Fixed The Shards Of Rimni Mad To Be Saved Cui Bono
The Lone and Level Sands Slipfighter The Dogs of War The Lepers Kiss For Whom the Bell Tolls
And Your Heart Will Fly Away The Unconquerable Man Delenda Est The Dark Backward
The Risk All Point The Right Horse What Happens to a Rev Deferred Point of the Spear
Vault of the Heavens Deep Midnights Voice The Illusion of Majesty Twilight of the Idols
Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath Shadows Cast By A Final Salute

Series 4

Answers Given To Questions Never Asked Pieces of Eight
Waking The Tyrants Device Double or Nothingness Harper/Delete Soon the Nearing Votex
The World Turns All Around Her Conduit to Destiny Machinery of the Mind Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter
The Torment, The Release The Spider`s Stratagem The Warmth of an Invisible Light The Others
Fear Burns Down to Ashes Lost in a Space That isnt There Abridging the Devils Divide Trusting the Gordian Maze
A Symmetry of Imperfection Time Out of Mind The Dissonant Interval

Series 5

The Weight
Phear Phactor Phenom Decay of the Angel The Eschatology of Our Present When Goes Around
Attempting Sacred So Burn the Untamed Lands What Will Be Was Not The Test
Through a Glass Darkly Pride Before the Fall Moonlight Becomes You Past is Prolix
The Opposite of Attraction Saving Light from a Black Sun Totalled Recall Quantum Tractate Delirium
One More Days Light Chaos and the Stillness of It Heart of the Journey