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Major Characters

Aaron DoralAaron KellyAdmiral Helena CainAlex Quartararo
Amanda GraystoneAnastasia DuallaApolloAthena
Barnabas GreeleyBecca KellyBen StarkBilly Keikeya
BoomerBoxeyBrendan ConstanzaBrother John Cavil
CallyCassiopeiaCoker FasjovikColonel Tigh
Commander AdamaCommander CainCottleCount Baltar
D'anna BiersDaniel GraystoneDillonEllen Tigh
EloshaFelix GaetaGaius BaltarGalen Tyrol
Hera AgathonJack FiskJordan DuramJoseph Adama
Kara ThraceKarl AgathonLacy RandLaura Roslin
Lee AdamaLeoben ConoyLouanne KatraineLucifer
Margaret EdmondsonMotherNumber SixRomo Lampkin
Sam AdamaSamuel AndersSaul TighSerina
Shannon AdamaSharon ValeriiShebaSimon O'Neill
Sister Clarice WillowStarbuckTamara AdamaTom Zarek
Tomas VergisTory FosterTroyWilliam Adama
Zak AdamaZoe Graystone


RazorBattlestar Galactica - The FilmBattlestar Galactica IIBlood and Chrome
The Plan


The Soldiers of the One




BattlestarCloud 9Colonial RaptorColonial Viper
Cylon BasestarCylon FighterResurrection Ship




Battlestar 1997 Episodes

Saga of a Star WorldLost Planet of the GodsThe Long PatrolThe Lost Warrior
Gun on Ice Planet ZeroThe Magnificent WarriorsThe Young LordsThe Living Legend
Fire in SpaceWar of the GodsThe Man with Nine LivesMurder on the Rising Sun
Greetings from EarthBaltars EscapeExperiment in TerraTake the Celestra
Hand of God

Battlestar 1980 Episodes

Galactica Discovers EarthThe Super ScoutsSpaceballThe Night the Cylons Landed
Space CroppersThe Return of Starbuck

Caprica Episodes

Caprica - PilotRebirthReins of a WaterfallGravedancing
There is another SkyKnow thy EnemyThe Imperfections of MemoryGhosts in the Machines
End of the LineUnvanquishedRetributionThings We Lock Away
False LaborBlowbackThe DirteatersThe Heavens Will Rise
Here Be DragonsApotheosis

Series 1

33WaterBastille DayAct of Contrition
You cant go home againLitmusSix Degrees of SeparationFlesh and Bones
Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me DownThe Hand of GodColonialKobols Last Gleaming

Series 2

ScatteredValley of DarknessFraggedResistance
The FarmHomeThe RaidThe Final Cut
Fight of the PhoenixPegasusResurrection Ship (Episode)Epiphanies
Black MarketScarSacrificeThe Captains Hand
DownloadedLay Down Your Burdens

Series 3

TornA Measure of SalvationHeroUnfinished Business
The PassageThe Eye of JupiterRaptureTaking a Break From All Your Worries
The Woman KingA Day in the LifeDirty HandsMaelstrom
The Son Also RisesCrossroads

Series 4

He That Believeth in MeSix of OneThe Ties That BindEscape Velocity
The Road Less TraveledBattlestar Galactica - FaithGuess Whats Coming to DinnerSine Qua Non
The HubBattlestar Galactica - RevelationsSometimes a Great NotionA Disquiet Follows My Soul
The OathBlood on the ScalesNo ExitBattlestar Galactica - Deadlock
Battlestar Galactica - Someone to Watch Over MeIslanded in a Stream of StarsDaybreak

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