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Major Characters

Alak TarrAmanda RosewaterBerlinChristie McCawley
Datak TarrDoc YewllIrisaJoshua Nolan
Kenya RosewaterPottingerRafe McCawleyStahma Tarr
Tommy Lasalle


Series 1

Defiance - PilotDown in the Ground where the Dead Men GoThe Devil in the DarkA Well Respected Man
The Serpent's EggBrothers in ArmsGood Bye Blue SkyI Just Wasn't Made for These Times
If I Ever Leave This World AliveThe Bride Wore BlackPast is PrologueEverything is Broken

Series 2

The Opposite of HallelujahIn My Secret LifeThe Cord and the AxBeasts of Burden
Put the Damage OnThis Womans WorkIf You Could See Through My EyesSlouching Towards Bethlehem
Painted From MemoryBottom of the WorldDoll PartsAll Things Must Pass
I Almost Prayed

Series 3

The World We SeizeThe Last UnicornsBroken BoughDead Air
History RhymesWhere the Apples FallThe Beauty of our WeaponsMy Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You
Ostinato in WhiteWhen Twilight Dims the Sky AboveOf a Demon in My ViewDefiance - The Awakening
Upon the March We Fittest Die

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