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Battlestar - Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar from Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestars are the main workhorse of the Colonial fleet. Each Battlestar carries numerous nuclear missiles, Colonial Vipers and Colonial Raptors for ready deployment. The most famous battlestar is Galactica headed by Commander William Adama. Another Battlestar that gets a mention is the Pegasus.

The television series primarily revolves around the crew of the Galactica. Its mission is to find Earth and hope that they are sufficiently equiped to help fight against the Cylons and their Cylon Basestar s.

If it was a ship, it would be similar to the U.S.S. Enterprise, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, not the Star Trek space ship of the same name. Although, the Enterprise wouldn't probably be able to take as much of a hammering as the Galactica did during the television series. The comparison is based on it being able to carry lots of ships and is a mean formidable battleship.

The Pegasus in the latest series had docked with the Scorpion shipyard when the Cylons attacked. Admiral Helena Cain ordered that the ship jump to avoid the battering. The jump saved the lives on everyone on board but they avoided the battle.

Battlestars are over a mile in length, a lot more than the Enterprise as mentioned above. Each Battlestar has a different bridge layout as shown in the pictures below. After Helena Cain is killed by Gina, the control of the Pegasus falls to Colonel Jack Fisk but his leadership doesn't last long before he is killed by black marketeers. Control falls to the Chief Engineer and then to Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ).

List of other Battlestars in the series are :- Atlantia (Picon), Pacifica, Athena ( Gemenon ), Triton ( Sagittaron ) , Acropolis ( Tauron ), Columbia ( Virgon ), Themis ( Libron ) , Rycon, Solaria, Prometheus, Cereberus, Cygnus. Each battlestar protected a different planet. Galactica was responsible for Caprica. Not all the planets battlestars were mentioned, Leonis would have had a battlestar but it was not mentioned.

The Galactica was an older model compared to the Pegasus but when the push came to the shove, they opted to save the Galactica. The Galactica was a Galactica class whereas the Pegasus was Mercury class. Each bridge is different as you can see from the pictures below.

Like battleships hear on Earth, the crew didn't have much privacy, they slept in shared quarters. The only person who had the luxury of his own space was the Captain of the ship which in the case of the Galactica was Commander William Adama.

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Eric Herrmann
This was one of my favorite episodes.
I was just talking about count Ible And I think there is actually a "Ible in Lizard Body"?????? Bazarr cooicidence in personal life.. There here.
I love Battle Star Galactica!!!!!!!!
I think the gactica has come a long way,and it's herer to stay. The ship is a fantastic upgrade, and the story line is grate. I have a few toys and models of the galactica I found on ebay, I would be glad to share my photo's.
Kris Wingert
Where did you get this info from? The Battlestar Pegasus was commanded by Kane, the best military leader of the Colonial colonies time. She headed of into deep space at the battle of the colonies the night the Cylons attacked. She later resurfaced when Apolo and Starbuck were on a recon mision at the planet Gamore. Kane decided to convince Adama to attack 3 base ships after taking the planet and then disappeared again during that battle when the 2 of the base ships were being destroyed. Baltar, the traitor, was surprised to see the Pegasus and tried to fall back to avoid destruction.
Tim S
What ever happened to the "next" battelstar series, the Voyage Home, when they found earth?
Hmm, Columbia-class Battlestar. Think of GALACTICA as equivalent to the Midway-class CV of the USN.
A great capital ship, the spacecraft-docking pods are clever, not like the ISD's though for a starship that about 1400m, with only 32 colonial viper it strange, or low, the Nimitz nuclear aircraft carrier, carries about 100 aircraft all of them larger than the viper...
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