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Colonial Raptor - Battlestar Galactica

Colonial Raptor from Battlestar Galactica.

The Colonial Viper is not a war craft in the same way a Colonial Viper is. The Raptor is more a reconnaissance and transportation craft when the job is too small for the Battlestar Galactica to do it. It can be used to transport crew members from one ship to another. When President Laura Roslin needs to be transported from Colonial One, her craft to the Battlestar Galactica, she is taken across in a Colonial Raptor.

When a Raptor piloted by Karl Agathon and Sharon Valerii land on Caprica, Karl gives up his seat for Doctor Gaius Baltar. Karl believes that Baltar's knowledge and intelligence would be of more use to the survivors than whatever he could provide. Karl was forced to survive on Caprica with a Cylon clone in the form of Sharon Valerii. Karl didn't know it was a Cylon at the time.

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