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Cylon Fighter

Cylon Fighter

The Cylon Fighter is the small craft that the Cylons use to try to take out the Colonials. In the original series, it was pilotted by three Cylon soldiers. However in the reimagined series, the Cylon fighter is a complete all-in-one Cylon robot.

When Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) crashed landed on a desert ship, her Colonial Viper was damaged beyond use. Kara managed to get the fighter also known as a marauder back up and running. Starbuck wasn`t shot down by the Vipers because she flew too eratic to be a Cylon. Kara used lights on the ship to attempt communication with the Vipers so she wasn`t attacked.

One episode was dedicated to the Colonial Vipers attempts to take out one particular Cylon Fighter that has proved impossible to track down. The fighter was known as Scar because of damage it had received.

The Cylon Fighter can`t travel great distances, it needs a place to land and refill either on a planet or inside a Cylon Basestar.

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THIS is the TRUE Cylon Warrior ship. NOTHING can compare to that view. I like the New Viper MKII, but the New Raider... Well, gimme this babe, pls... Ben Ben.robberecht@-----------be (Yep, I'm Belgian :P)