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Red Dwarf - Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is a mining craft that is owned by the Jupiter mining corp. After an incident on board the craft where Dave Lister was in stasis, Dave wakes up to find he is the last human onboard. Although he soon finds he`s not alone, he has a hologram of his old room mate Arnold Judas Rimmer and a evolved feline called Cat.

The Red Dwarf has space craft inside her such as the SpaceBug so that the crew can go where the Red Dwarf is too big. In a couple of episodes, the crew of the Red Dwarf loose the Red Dwarf and have to make do with the Starbug as transportation.

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i think red dwarf really rocks it is the best show ever and i hardly ever stop laughing. my favourit character is rimmer then its lister then cat then kryten. i wish i could get the whole of red dwarf and just watch it for ever. im so glad that its been made
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