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Resurrection Ship

Resurrection Ship

The Resurrection Ship is a ship which enables a Cylon to be rebuilt. When a Cylon dies, its memories are transmitted to a Resurrection Ship so that it can be put into another model. The Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus launch an all out attack on one of these in the two part episode Resurrection Ship.

If a Resurrection Ship is not close by, the Cylon's memory will die. When Brother John Cavil lured a group of Basestars led by Natalie to somewhere, he ordered the Resurrection ship to stay behind and then launched an all out attack on his enemies. The Resurrection Ship is a new kind of ship that didn't feature in the original series.

All the Resurrection Ships are connected to the Hub. If you destroy the Hub, you destroy the ability of all Resurrection Ships. The Rebel Cylons led by Number Six launch an all out strike on the Hub with Lt. Helo and a Number Six clone sneak inside the craft to rescue D'anna Briers who knows the identity of the final five models which are with in the Galactica Fleet.

When a virus was discovered to infect the Cylons and ultimately kill them, there was a plan to allow the Cylons to die within reach of a Resurrection Ship. The virus would then propogate throughout the Cylons, wiping out all the Cylons. However, Lt. Helo sabotaged the plan by killing the infected Cylons before they could be within reach of a Resurrection Ship.

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