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The Synopsis hasn't been written yet but please do make any comments you like regarding the episode. It'll prompt to prioritise to write the synopsis.

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I think u find that the Red Dwarf scout craft is called Starbug not spacebug
Ja Worsley
This vessel ws not called a "SpaceBug" as you have titled it, in fact it was called "Star Bug". It featured predominantly in later seasons as the vessel the crew lived in after the Red Dwarf was destroyed but later rebuilt by the nanites (miniture androids that the crew saved in season six. There are different versions of "Star Bug" ranging from a single deck explorer vessel with three circular sections, to the big multi leveled vessel the crew are forced to live in upon the demise of the Dwarf- this is the vessel they come across Kochanski again with. I also noticed that you neglected to mention the "Blue Midget" which is also featured in a couple of different versions: small work truck as featured in "Mind Swap" to the walker style as in "Back in the Red (part 3).
I think it's called the Starbug.
Spacebug??? It is called Starbug