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T.I.E. Fighter - Star Wars

T.I.E. Fighter from Star Wars.

The acronym stands for Twin Ion Engine and is the main single seater fighter of the Empire. Darth Vader is able to pilot a craft which he uses to try to prevent Luke Skywalker from destroying the Death Star at the end of Star Wars IV - A New Hope. In addition to being a single seater, there are bomber versions of this craft which the Empire use to flush out the Millennium Falcon but ultimately fail to do so. The Rebellion equivalent is the X-wing

T.I.E. Silencer

In the Last Jedi, Kylo Ren uses a TIE Silencer to attack the Resistance fleet. The ship is similar to the usual TIE Fighter in shape, wings on the side etc. The Silencer is black and its wings are bit more pointed.

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