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USS Defiant - NX-74205 - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

USS Defiant - NX-74205 from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.

The USS Defiant is a space ship that was given to the Deep Space 9 Spacestation to help protect the Alpha Quadrant from The Dominion. It makes its first appearance in The Search when Commander Benjamin Sisko docks it at the station.

The Defiant is a considerable upgrade for the Deep Space 9 station, the only protection that they did have was through the use of small runabouts. With the Defiant, they are able to go further afield and are more heavily protected. The Defiant is able to travel further and has a deck comparable to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D.

Cloaking Device

It is the only known space ship that the federation that has a cloaking device. Under the terms of the peace treaty between the United Federation of planets and the Romulan Empire, the UFP were banned from having cloaking technology. The Romulans allowed the Defiant to have a cloaking device to allow them to go undetected in operations in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Romulans only allowed the technology if they were to allow a Romulan officer to be part of the crew to ensure that the technology didn't fall into U.F.P. hands. The U.F.P. agreed and a Romulan officer was invited onboard. In addition to the Romulan crew member, the Romulans would be allowed access to the intelligence that the Defiant had assumed.

In the first mission into the Gamma Quadrant, the cloaking device stood up against the Jem'Hadar force who they encountered the first time. The second time, they were not so lucky and the Jem'Hadar were able to locate and attack the crew of the Defiant.


The station appeared briefly in Caretaker which was the first episode of the Voyager series. The station was where Voyager would set out to find out what happened to a Maquis ship that had disappeared.

Best and Worst Episodes

The Adversary

Newly promoted Captain Benjamin Sisko takes the Defiant to a Tzenkethi settlement that is currently undergoing a coup. The craft is sabotaged by a Changeling . The crew need to work out who the Changeling is impersonating whilst Chief Miles O'Brien disables the sabotaged controls.

Apart from the promotion ceremony, the episode occurs on the craft throughout the episode. Also in this episode, Odo kills a Changeling in order to save the crew.

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