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Y-wing - Star Wars

Y-wing from Star Wars.

The Y-Wing fighter is one of the main craft that is used by The Rebel Alliance and then subsequently the Resistance. It is overshadowed by the more commonly used X-Wings.

Unlike the X-Wng, they can be used for bombings in addition to dogfights. They can be seen in the Battle of Endor when the Rebel Alliance needs to retreat because its a trap..

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Martin Johansson
How come the y-wing has different specification? Industrial Light and Magic speed of y-wing=100 mglt and lucas arts speed= 80 mglt. Y-wings hull!! what hull! you can see its parts, its been removed. The rebels have upgraded the y-wing probably a hole deal.In ep 6 the return of the jedi the y-wing do keep up whith no problems with Mill Falcon and x-wing respektivly. In same speed as x-wing,a-wing and falcon the y-wing also makes a 90 deegres dive into the death star (just exactly how bad is the manoverbuility of the y-wing?. The y-wing also (if you look wery closley) GAINS on interceptors and guns them down (we see three kills made by y-wings), in close combat like that you dont make rolls on rolls manouvers. With our lame technoligy we know that manouverbuility isnt everything in a dog fight, skill,taktiks of attack,wepons and how mutch damedge you can take is more to rekomend. I belive that the y-wing used by the alliance is so upgraded and so diffrent than those fresh out of the faktory. The Star Wars galaxy is so big and full of different fighters so why does the rebels use such a bad,slow pour manoverbuility woobbeling blind as a bat pigs as the main stay of their fleet. Would YOU??? No, i dont think so!! I say: They use it becuase it is a very good multirole fighter bomber,it can hold it self against empire forces in dogfights and bombing runs against larger targets. It IS fast but not so highly monouverble as the x-wing. That is why the rebels were in need of a better dog fighter. This is just my thoughts about my favorit fighter in the star wars galaxy. Sign: Martin J
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