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Hassaleh - Iota Aurigae

Hassaleh is a star that can be located in the constellation of Auriga. Iota Aurigae is the Bayer Classification for the star. The star's ID in the Hipparcos (Hip for short) star catalogue is 23015. The star's Henry Draper (HD) ID in the Hipparcos (Hip for short) star catalogue is 31398. Converting from HipId to HDId was carried out using the table provided by Richard Dibon-Smith site.

The star's spectral class is "K3IIvar" which is a (K) orange to red (II) luminous giant. Hassaleh lies at a distance of 512.03 lights years or put it another way 156 parsecs from our solar system. If you're looking at driving there in a car, the star is 3.00996842993597E+15 miles (4.84407463381592E+15 km) away so driving at a constant 70 mph would take roughly 4908624314.96408 years to get there. Personally, I'd wait till we get faster than light travel before making the journey. The stars temperature has been calculated at about 3,700 - 5,200 K based on the Class Type and lookup at Wikipedia-Stellar Classification

The star is a variable type which means that it oscillates/pulsates between sizes.

Hassaleh has a right ascension of 04h 56m 59.62 which is the equivalent to the Earth longitude reading but for space. On Earth, Longitude is how far west or east a location is. Zero degrees Longitude is known as Prime Meridian sometimes prefixed with Greenwich through which the lines goes through in London, United Kingdom.

Hassaleh has a declination of +33 ° 09 ` 58.1 degrees which is the equivalent to the latitude reading on Earth but for space. On Earth, Latitude is how far north or south a location is relative to the Equator. The Equator is zero degrees latitude.

Hassaleh has a visual/apparent magnitude of 2.69 and an absolute magnitude of -3.29. Apparent magnitude is how bright we see it from Earth whereas absolute magnitude is how it would be seen about 10 parsec from the star. ref:Yahoo.

Fast Fact File

Hipparcos ID23015
Henry Daper ID31398
Flamsteed ClassificationIota Aurigae
Star ClassBright Giant
Est. Temperature3,700 - 5,200 K
Spectral TypeK3IIvar
Right Ascension04h 56m 59.62
Declination+33 d 09 ` 58.1
Distance from Earth (Lt.Yrs.)512.03 (3.00996842993597E+15 Miles)
Visual Magnitude2.69
Absolute Magnitude-3.29

Location of Hassaleh in Auriga

Location of Hassaleh in Auriga

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