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List of Named Stars in Horologium

As there's so many stars in the cosmos, not all the stars are listed here. The site has lots of stars not listed so if your star isn't listed and you know the Henry Draper or Hipparcos ID, type https://www.universeguide.com/star/ then followed by the HIPNNNNNN or HDNNNN where NNNNN is the number part of the name. The stars that I do list have either a traditional name, a bayer or other classification name.

If you are still unable to find the star you want, please use the search facility as the star might still be in the database. Not all stars are listed so as to not affect the performance of the site.

StarDistance (Lt. Yrs.)Spectral TypeColourDeclinationRight Ascension
Alpha Horologii115.01K1IIIorange to red -42d 17` 37.9 04h 14m 00.08
Beta Horologii294.64A5IIIblue -64d 04` 16.7 02h 58m 47.77
Delta Horologii178.82A9Vblue -41d 59` 37.5 04h 10m 50.43
Eta Horologii148.59A6Vblue -52d 32` 35.1 02h 37m 24.26
Gamma Horologii182.62G8III/IVwhite to yellow -63d 42` 16.3 02h 45m 27.45
Gliese 106112.04M5.5Vred -44d 30` 45.3 03h 35m 59.69
Iota Horologii55.99G3IVwhite to yellow -50d 48` 03.0 02h 42m 33.16
Lambda Horologii161.07F2IIIblue to white -60d 18` 41.9 02h 24m 53.99
Mu Horologii141.56F0IVblue to white -59d 44` 15.4 03h 03m 36.90
Nu Horologii164.56A2Vblue -62d 48` 23.7 02h 49m 01.37
R Horologii685.22M7ered -49d 53` 23.0 02h 53m 52.65
S HorologiiMe Ered -59d 34` 12.4 02h 25m 15.96
TU Horologii392.49A2Vblue -47d 22` 30.6 03h 30m 36.90
TW Horologii1048.76C5IIcarbon red -57d 19` 17.7 03h 12m 33.14
TZ Horologii753.26M5IIIred -66d 29` 38.5 02h 25m 26.48
WASP-120F5blue to white -45d 53` 54.00 04h 10m 28.00
WW Horologii -52d 19` 13.5 02h 36m 11.45
Zeta Horologii160.12F4IVblue to white -54d 32` 59.7 02h 40m 39.58

Horologium Constellation's Star Breakdown

Type Breakdown

KLight Orange Star 3,700 - 5,200k224
FYellow-White 6,000 - 7,500k186
GYellow 5,200 - 6,000k157
AWhite 7,500 - 10,000k62
MRed Dwarf Star <3,700k38
BBlue-White 10,500 - 30,000k7

Size Breakdown

IIINormal Giant275
VMain Sequence263
IIBright Giant5

Breakdown of Dwarf Stars by Type

VIVI Type Sub-Dwarf Star1
sdsd Type SubDwarf Star1

Breakdown of Carbon Stars by Type

SS-Type Carbon Star1
CC-Type Carbon Star1

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